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14 July 2009 ~ 3 Comments

Kaelin’s is now Mulligan’s Pub and Grill

Driving by the old place known as Kaelin’s (birthplace of the cheeseburger), I noticed some people sitting out on the patio eating. I got excited thinking the rumors of renovations were true. Maybe they were true, but now the restaurant on the corner of Speed Ave. and Newburg Road is now known as “Mulligan’s Pub and Grill”. Stay tuned while we check it out.

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05 June 2009 ~ 0 Comments


Join Sammy and Oscar on our second podcast installment to hear the good things we have to say about Bunz, the brand-new burger joint located on Baxter Ave. in the Highlands.

Sammy: 8.5/10
Oscar: 7/10

Cost: $16.72
Address: 969 1/2 Baxter Ave | Louisville, KY 40204

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28 May 2009 ~ 3 Comments

Ollie’s Trolley – Our Inaugural Podcast!!

Expanding our horizons here at, with our first podcast! Join Sammy and Oscar as they review Ollie’s Trolley in Old Louisville.

Sammy: 7/10
Oscar: 8/10

Cost: $11.75
Phone: (502) 583-5214
Address: 978 S 3rd St | Louisville, KY 40203

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29 July 2008 ~ 2 Comments

The Granville Inn

I had always heard that the Granville Inn had one of the best hamburgers in Louisville. I think I’ll be able to back up that claim now. This charming Old Louisville haunt is typically filled with regulars watching one of the many flavors of ESPN, drinking a beer and enjoying some really good pub food. Now, I think Jam and I are regulars here, or at least our ol’ buddy, Jessica makes us feel like we are. In early June, we came here 2 days in a row, which is a first for Read on to find out why… […]

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