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20 May 2008 ~ 5 Comments

J. Gumbo’s

Although this is technically a chain restaurant (and we don’t review chains here…we all know what they taste like), this place (formerly Gumbo-a-Go-Go) started here and it’s still kinda small, unlike the taste and portions of this cajun fast-casual restaurant.


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20 May 2008 ~ 4 Comments

Genny’s Diner & Pub

SUBTITLE: Mmmmm Good.

When I first moved to Louisville about 12-13 years ago, there was a commercial that ran on late-night cable that made a lasting impression on me. If you’re from around here, you definitely know what I’m talking about. If not, please allow me to reminisce about this commercial that is sooo bad it’s good: […]

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15 May 2008 ~ 8 Comments

Derby City Dogs

I really like hot dogs. There…I said it. But not the type that most people think of…made of 3 different types of animals, of parts that you don’t want to know about. What I like is All-beef hot dogs. Kosher. Delish.

Derby City Dogs is right in the heart of the Highlands. You really couldn’t ask for a better location. It reminds me of something that would be in New York City: just a window where you place your order, on the sidewalk. There’s a nice bar that you can get out of the way to enjoy your dog. The day Jam and I went, there was quite a line formed, almost blocking the sidewalk traffic, which on the corner of Baxter Ave. and Highland Ave., there’s quite a lot. […]

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04 May 2008 ~ 0 Comments

City Café

As much as it pains me to say this, I’ve never been a big fan of this “Keep Louisville Weird”, WFPK-supporting restaurant. It’s always just been kinda “meh” everytime I’ve been there. I typically get the Club, and while good, it’s just a Club (no offense!). The times, they are a-changing, folks. My last visit made me want to write a ravin’ review… […]

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04 May 2008 ~ 2 Comments

Side Street Grill * Pizza * Pub (Formerly: Deli at Douglass Loop)

Located on Dundee Road on the Douglass Loop in the Highlands, the Deli has had a kind of identity crisis. My wife and I went to this place opening week a couple years (?) ago. It’s right in our neighborhood, and we were excited to have a nice coffee shop/restaurant/waterin’ hole nearby. Within those couple of years, they’ve acquired a liquor license (beer only), gotten rid of the espresso drinks (I imagine it’s hard to compete with the 800 Lb. Gorilla that is Heine Brothers), and are now refocusing their efforts once again. With the name “Deli”, people mostly thought of it as just a place with a few sandwiches, but owner Trent Pehlke is trying to get the word out about how much more this little gem of a restaurant really is. They have recently rebranded themselves as “Side Street Grill * Pizza * Pub”, which I think will bring more people in the door to experience this diverse menu. […]

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