21 September 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Save Ray Parella’s!!!

Ray Parella's
A good buddy of mine (who also took that nice panorama) just sent an email saying that Ray Parella’s on Frankfort might have to shut it’s doors soon. Help keep this AWESOME Italian restaurant OPEN!!! Go there tonight!!!

From Chris:

I just sent an email to Michelle Jones about this & figured I’d send the same to you.  Ray Parellas on Frankfort Ave is closing due to the economy.  If you’ve never been there its an awesome little family run italian restaurant, a Louisville original.  I’m trying to help them a bit by spreading the word, which is where LouisvilleLunch comes in.  Ray’s has a great lunch menu. I used to eat there quite a bit for lunch.

This is what I sent to Michelle…

My wife & dined there tonight as we have for close to ten years now only to hear the waitress (Ray’s grand daughter) mention that the economy is forcing them to close  their doors.  We talked for a bit and it sounds like they still have some fight left in them but it’s not looking good.  I’ve tried to spread the word a bit via Facebook but I thought a mention on Consuming could do nothing but help.

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