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20 January 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Zapata’s Corner

I have driven by Zapata’s for weeks thinking to myself, “I haven’t done a review lately, I should do one there!” of course, every time I had that thought, I had just left some other eating establishment and the last thing I needed was MORE calories!

Today, was the day!


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06 November 2009 ~ 0 Comments


The only bad thing I have to say about Mojito’s-I ate to much. After reviewing Havana Rumba, several people suggested that I must have a meal at Mojito’s. Sometimes freind recommendations can be a little iffy, I am proud to report in this case, I think that all three of us eating lunch earlier this week were satisfied. […]

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18 September 2009 ~ 1 Comment

Havana Rumba

I wish I spoke Spanish because some quirky line about how freekin’ good this place was in a foreign language would be really cool.  But, since I chose Latin as my language in high school before it was “dead” no such luck with that on this review.

In a word, the food was Fan-freekin-tastic!


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17 June 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Captain’s Quarters

This time of year everyone knows that Captain’s Quarters has the best out door eating area in the city, even better if you are a boater in need of the nosh. I think most people forget it can also be a nice place to have lunch during the week, if you have several hours to spare.

The only thing that moves fast on the Ohio are the boats.

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09 June 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Shah’s Mongolian Grill

You gotta love a place that has a picture of Genghis Khan over looking the buffet area explaining the “house rules”. Those rules are simple enough, Lunch is one trip to the grill and one trip to the salad bar, additional visits makes it dinner and that will cost you extra.


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01 June 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Simply Thai

Editor’ Note: This is the first of hopefully many reviews by my friend, Pivo. She is the complete opposite of me, where I’m typically a “Meat-atarian”, Pivo is a vegetarian. Hopefully she will eat the foods that normally wouldn’t and give LouisvilleLunch.com a much needed veggie-friendly point of view. Welcome aboard, buddy…you can eat my vegetables…

My friend and I worked up our appetite by riding our bicycles to Simply Thai. We sat outdoors after a short wait for a table. Business was brisk and our server seemed a little “over it”, however our service was more than adequate.

We ordered Edamame from the sushi menu, two orders of Fresh Spring Rolls with tofu (available with tofu or chicken).  We shared an order of Pad Se-Jew with tofu and a Thai Iced Tea. […]

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26 May 2009 ~ 1 Comment


Editor’s Note: Everyone please put your hands together for our new LouisvilleLunch.com blogger, Molly! She answered the call for lunch review bloggers and after looking at her site, we knew she would fit right in here. Maybe even teach us a trick or two about writing. So, take it away, Molly! Welcome aboard!

I have to admit as my first review for LouisvilleLunch.com-I played it safe.  I have been to the Shiraz on Hurstbourne before, but this was a new adventure out to the location off English Station Road.  It is a little off the corporate beaten path, but people who work in the Blankenbaker cooridor are better off heading this way for lunch than Hurstbourne Parkway. […]

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