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Simply Thai

Editor’ Note: This is the first of hopefully many reviews by my friend, Pivo. She is the complete opposite of me, where I’m typically a “Meat-atarian”, Pivo is a vegetarian. Hopefully she will eat the foods that normally wouldn’t and give LouisvilleLunch.com a much needed veggie-friendly point of view. Welcome aboard, buddy…you can eat my vegetables…

My friend and I worked up our appetite by riding our bicycles to Simply Thai. We sat outdoors after a short wait for a table. Business was brisk and our server seemed a little “over it”, however our service was more than adequate.

We ordered Edamame from the sushi menu, two orders of Fresh Spring Rolls with tofu (available with tofu or chicken).  We shared an order of Pad Se-Jew with tofu and a Thai Iced Tea.

We received the warm edamame first.  It was a generous bowl of gently cooked soybeans in the pod. They were moist and dusted with just enough salt, I would have preferred them to be cooked a few moments more. Don’t take me wrong, they were quite good as presented. Sometimes I can be picky!

Next arrived the spring rolls, I love spring rolls! These are huge, cut in half and served with a sweet dipping sauce. There are some specks of red pepper in there, but primarily it is a clear sweet sauce with large pieces of peanuts and a sprig of cilantro. Simply Thai spring rolls are a taste and texture blast filled with slivers of carrots, cucumbers, rice noodles, lettuce, a small filet of raw tofu, and mint. I would prefer if the tofu was quickly seared before being encased in the roll.  See, I am picky, however, I have ordered spring rolls every time I have eaten at Simply Thai.

The Pad Se-Jew was described as, “Wide rice noodles, greens, (egg)” we ordered it with tofu. You can order most of the entrees with either: chicken, tofu, or TVP. If you are unfamiliar with TVP it is merely textured vegetable protein, a thoroughly unappetizing way to say, once dried tofu. When cooked TVP has a very meaty texture and is a wonderful option for vegans or vegetarians.

I have never had Pad Se-Jew before and I expected “greens” to mean leafy greens like spinach, it was broccoli, which is fine, I love broccoli and it IS green, I just don’t think of it as “greens”.  The tofu in the dish was seared, yet tender, not rubbery. It soaked in the wonderful flavors of the Pad Se-Jew.  Neither the noodles, nor the broccoli were overcooked and everything melded nicely.

One must specify the heat level at which their dish will be prepared. Since I was sharing this entrée with a friend who is an admitted “spiciness wimp”, we ordered a one on a 1-5 scale. There was some spiciness evident but not too much.  Everything is served on real tableware, no plastic plates here.

We quenched our thirst on never empty glasses of water and a big enough to share iced Thai tea. The tea was the color of carrot juice, sweet and creamy, yet refreshing. I was so full on the ride home I had a difficult time reaching the handlebars.

Very casual indoor or outdoor dining.  Beer & wine are available.

Rating: 8/10

Cost: $23.80 + tip
Address: 318 Wallace Ave. Louisville, KY 40207
Phone: 502.899.9670

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