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Havana Rumba

I wish I spoke Spanish because some quirky line about how freekin’ good this place was in a foreign language would be really cool.  But, since I chose Latin as my language in high school before it was “dead” no such luck with that on this review.

In a word, the food was Fan-freekin-tastic!

This time for lunch I went with 3 of my friends so I had plenty of mouths to help eat some appetizers. And we had a hard time choosing there were so many that looked good. We finally selected Empanadas de Pollo and Papas Rellenas.

I tried the Papas first because I am not sure how I felt about a shepard’s pie ball, which is basically (after seeing it, i realized) it was. And it was tasty. I am going to have to rethink my aversion to Shepard’s pie after this treat! And then I tasted the Empanada-oh wow- a pocket of fried goodness. Honestly, next time I go to Havana Rumba to eat, I am ordering these puppies for dinner! And the pimenton crema that was served with both appetizers was awesome-if you like pimento.

For lunch I ordered the Vegetariano Press with sweet potato fries. The sandwich was the perfect combination of flavors on crunchy bread, my only issue was veggies kept trying to escape being eaten. I love a sweet potato fry (or 50) and these were done to perfection. Oh and did I mention that I also got a cup of black bean soup? Also fantastic. I didn’t even need ketchup, but a generous helping was provided. My friends ordered The Cubano, The Havana Rumba and Cherna a la Parrilla (grilled grouper). I am assuming all of their food is was just as yummy as mine because we didn’t say a word until all the plates were clean.

Sadly we didn’t have any room left for a dessert because I personally love a coconut ice cream and who could turn down bread pudding..or havana bananas (I would eat it just because the name makes me laugh out loud!)

So far, one of my favorite places to review. The service was awesome, the atmosphere funky and beautiful art hung all over the walls making me REALLY want to go to Cuba. If we only could.

Rating: 8/10
Price: $15.05 ( gratiuity not included)-for my portion of 2 appitizers and 1 lunch
Address: 4115 Oechsli Avenue, Louisville, KY 40207
Website: http://myhavanarumba.com/

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