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Editor’s Note: Everyone please put your hands together for our new LouisvilleLunch.com blogger, Molly! She answered the call for lunch review bloggers and after looking at her site, we knew she would fit right in here. Maybe even teach us a trick or two about writing. So, take it away, Molly! Welcome aboard!

I have to admit as my first review for LouisvilleLunch.com-I played it safe.  I have been to the Shiraz on Hurstbourne before, but this was a new adventure out to the location off English Station Road.  It is a little off the corporate beaten path, but people who work in the Blankenbaker cooridor are better off heading this way for lunch than Hurstbourne Parkway.

I tend to stick with vegitarian fare when I go out to eat, but today, for the readers of this fair blog, I ventured out, became brave!  I ordered the lunch special which was a half a chicken kabob with my choice of two sides.  That made it so much easier for me to pair down my food, because I knew I had to have hummus.  With the first side selection out of the way the other one became more difficult did I want one of three varieties of rice, eggplant, roasted corn or one of three salads?  Again, I stepped out of my neat little lunch box and went straight for the Tabbouleh, something I never would have ordered for myself.  I am so glad I did!  Oh and just to be safe and sweet, I had to get a backlava.

Tabbouleh is bulgur wheat, parsley, garlic, onions, roma tomatoes with shiraz dressing and it was darn tasty!  Very minty parsley, but good.   I think I will order it again.  The hummus was also a hit-but really, I have to tell you, I have never met a hummus I didn’t like.  The hummus at Shiraz is a perfect blend of spices with just a hint of a kick and the tomato-olive garnish only adds to the flavor (but remember that olive has a pitt).

I saved the chicken for last because, honestly, it was my favorite part of the meal so far.  Cooked perfectly, it was tender and juicy and the flavor of the chicken was out standing.  I couldn’t tell you what spices they used or the marinade, but I don’t care-it was better than finger’lickin’good.  But, I did order that baklava-more specifically, homemade baklava.

Oh mama!  Hands down the best I have ever eaten in my life and it kicked the chicken kabab straight to the curb as being the best part of the meal.  A perfect combination of sweet, crunchy, sticky, but not to goey.  I have had baklava in the past that was to heavy on the honey and was overly sweet, not this version. It almost seemed there was a hint of Chai or Cinnamon flavoring.  I would have had another, but I think I will wait until next time.

And there will be a next time because there are several other things on the menu I have got to try.

The selection of beverages is also impressive with fountian drinks, a tea machine that dispenses several varieties and assorted beverages in a refrigerated case.

I was at this location right at noon and was not sure what type of crowd to expect.  Counting myself there were 9 tables occupied, several more business people having meetings or planning for the week than I expected, I assumed for the area it would be mom’s with or with out their kids, not so much.  It would be a great quiet place to have a business meeting especially if you are looking for light and healthy fare.  One of my favorite things about Shiraz is the Mediterranean Diet Food Pyramid flyer taped to the food case.

Rating: 9/10
Cost: $10.46 +tip jar
Phone: 502.244.1341
Address: 153 S English Station Road-Louisville, Kentucky, 40245
Web site: http://www.shirazmg.com/

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