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Zapata’s Corner

I have driven by Zapata’s for weeks thinking to myself, “I haven’t done a review lately, I should do one there!” of course, every time I had that thought, I had just left some other eating establishment and the last thing I needed was MORE calories!

Today, was the day!

I was out running errands in the rain and I needed a pick me up at Zapata’s came into mind. I called my spouselet to see if he would like to meet me for lunch because I know he likes a new food adventure, just like his beautiful wife 😉

From the exterior of the building I would never have expected the pure beauty of the interior. Every booth had incredible, colorful painted relief carved backs.
I soon forgot that I was sitting in a restaurant about 100 feet off Shelbyville Road in the middle of January and in the pouring rain. How beautiful is that? (I know!)

I have to tell you, I had some trouble deciding what to order there were a few items on the breakfast menu that sounded REALLY good, but I thought at noon, they no longer served breakfast. By the way, I was wrong, they serve items on the “breakfast” menu until 3pm.

I already have my list for next time.

I went out on a limb and ordered the Mole Poblano. Now, I have never eaten a Mole before, so let me just make that pretty durn clear before I continue.

I have no idea what my spouse ordered, it was something really good and I am pretty sure it was Entomatada Revolucionaria and it was HEAVENLY. But, I am really partial to Mexican white cheese and the skirt steak was covered with sauce and basically two quesadilla’s. I think next time, even though I am not a fan of beef, I could do some serious damage. YUM.

Both of our meals came with beans and rice.

The beans were great-not refried like you get at most “authentic” Mexican restaurants, these were a Latino version of my Granny Mae’s country beans with a bit of that super yummy cheese on top. I promise it isn’t just the cheese that makes them so good, but it certainly doesn’t hurt them either.

I also have to rave and drool over the rice for a moment. Normally, I avoid Mexican or Spanish rice-it is either crunchy or mushy and the flavor can range from bland to chunky ketchup. This rice, completely different! It was light and fluffy and had an amazing flavor, there were peas and carrots-so it was almost a Mexican Fried Rice. I wouldn’t bet my first born, but I am pretty sure that they used a fish stock to get the amazing flavor. If I had a plate full of the rice that would have been enough for me.

Here is a picture of our lunch (or mostly mine)
Oh and I didn’t mention the cute little thing that the tortilla’s came in…it is a little basket and reminds me of the stuff you can pick up when you are in Nassau…I loved all the details.

Have I mentioned the service?

Our server was incredible, he knew the menu very well and even made suggestions to my spouselet for what he might like compared to what he orders at other Mexican Restaurants. I never had an empty glass. He was always there but not hovering.

Ok, I have put off my lunch “review” long enough. I wanted to be sure everyone knew how much I LOVE this place before I talked about what I ordered. Normally, I stick with safe when I plan on doing a review or get something familiar so I have something to compare my food against. Today, I didn’t and it didn’t work out for me. The spouselet says that it was a very good Mole and tasted just like it should, or what he has had in the past.

I had never had a Mole before, and I am pretty sure, I won’t order it again. I will say that it wasn’t because it was bad, it just wasn’t my personal preference. The chicken was very tender and juicy, the sauce thick and savory with just a touch of bitter sweet. My meal came with two flour and two corn tortilla’s. They appeared to be freshly made because they both almost melted in my mouth, OH they were good.

Overall, it was a good meal, great service and incredible atmosphere!

Rating: 8/10
Price: $28.96 ( for two meals, drinks and a milkshake gratiuity not included)
Address: 12003 Shelbyville Road, Louisville, KY 40243
Phone: (502) 690-8100

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