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The only bad thing I have to say about Mojito’s-I ate to much. After reviewing Havana Rumba, several people suggested that I must have a meal at Mojito’s. Sometimes freind recommendations can be a little iffy, I am proud to report in this case, I think that all three of us eating lunch earlier this week were satisfied.

With so many good choices on the menu, we had a hard time choose what to order. Luckily I was not alone and my friends don’t mind sharing…

The first order of business was to order the Guacamole and Chicharritas (Fried Plantains) and that was one humdinger of a way to start off lunch. Honestly, I never would have thought of pairing the two but the slight salty sweetness of the plaintain was a perfect match for the Guac. I would eat guacamole with a spoon so really, don’t take my word for it; One of my companions said “I don’t even like guacamole and this is GOOD!”. My dears, that is a heck of an endorsement!

For the main part of my meal, I couldn’t decide between Trio de Hummus, Fish Tacos or Elena Ruth. And let me just tell you, I LOVE my friends. That is exactly what they all wanted to order, so we each took one and then split them accordingly.

I ordered the Trio de Hummus; Black bean hummus, garbanzo hummus, roasted pepper and paprika hummus served with olives, almonds, tomatoes, onions, sumac, pine nuts, olive oil and parsley. And pita, we can’t forget the warm pita. I think if I were forced to choose which one of these was the best, I would have to say the roasted pepper and paprika, but only by a slim margin. They were all very flavorful.

One friend ordered the Fish Tacos and a side of black bean soup. I finally found a good Fish Taco, if Macca’s weren’t closing, I would suggest that they head over to Mojito’s and learn something about a Taco. But, how can you go wrong with breaded and pan friend grouper strips over corn tortilla topped with our homemade guacamole salsa fresco, sour cream, jalapenos, sliced red onions and fresco cilantro? You can’t!

Another friend ordered the Elana Ruth and the name doesn’t tell you much but this description will “Roasted turkey, artisanal strawberry jam, cream cheese, Swiss cheese pressed on Cuban bread”, the sandwich was served with sweet potato fries and smoked honey for dipping.

Have you ever had smoked honey? Oh wow. It is like a smokey, vinegar with honey flavor. Very interesting flavor and texture that added the perfect top layer to the sweet potato fry. I am getting a little faint just typing about it!

One other thing that I have got to mention is how PRETTY everything was presented. A lot of thought went into the presentation of each item we ordered. The Guacamole came in a marble mortise (with out the pestle) set off center on a rectangle plate with curled plaintain chips. The hummus came in a 3 chamber serving tray with olives, tomatoes, almonds and onions sprinkled on top of each flavor, also on a rectangle plate with the pita on each side. The fish tacos were on a long thin plate presented open face with the sour cream piped over the fish sticks in a decorative pattern. I know that the way food looks when it is presented doesn’t really enhance the flavor, but it does create quite a favorable mood.

I am already making plans to go back with another set of people to “convert” to the way of the tappa and there are at least 4 more things that I could have ordered for lunch.

Rating: 9/10
Price: $18.82( gratiuity not included)
Address: 231 Holiday Manor Ctr Louisville, KY 40222
Phone: (502) 425-0949
Website: http://www.mojitorestaurant.com/

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