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City Café

As much as it pains me to say this, I’ve never been a big fan of this “Keep Louisville Weird”, WFPK-supporting restaurant. It’s always just been kinda “meh” everytime I’ve been there. I typically get the Club, and while good, it’s just a Club (no offense!). The times, they are a-changing, folks. My last visit made me want to write a ravin’ review…After being out of town most of the weekend, I thought I’d leave Jam at the office and spend a nice lunch with my wife and two daughters (aww…) My wife always likes this place, so I decided to give it one more try. I got the special, which was called something like a “Pig 3-Way”, which sounds wrong, but I was trying to wrangle my 2-year old and wasn’t taking notes. It was a Smoked Pork sandwich with bacon and ham. Jeesh, could I eat *any* more unhealthily? My daughters both got the Grilled Cheese, and my wife went with another special, White Chili.

My sandwich was really, really good, as much as I thought I’d be unimpressed. I got it on sourdough, and all those little piggy flavors melded into one delectable sandwich. The bacon was very crisp (the way I like it) and the smoked pork and ham were both salty and smoky. Not bad, I thought, but then I tried the White Chili and wished I had gone that route.

Here’s one of my little rants, that I just have to get off my back and on to this here Internet: Pickle juice can make a good meal turn bad! I don’t like pickles, and I really don’t like when either a) I forget to tell them to hold the pickle or b) They don’t ask if I want pickle juice making my bread and all my chips soggy and (blech) pickley-tasting. At least wrap the damn things in paper or something. Sorry…but jeesh

The white chili came out in a HUGE bowl. My wife and I could probably have split it. The tender chicken melted in your mouth. If it were my bowl, I would have added some tabasco to it, but even without that, it was darn near perfect!

My sweet little daughters kept offering me bites of their Grilled Cheese sandwiches, and honestly, I never turned them down. They were great! Lots of gooey cheese on buttery sourdough. I couldn’t keep my hands off everyone’s plate.

I vow to you, my faithful readers, to expand my horizons and like City Cafe. I’ll do it just for you.

Rating: 8/10

Address: 1250 Bardstown Road (next to Baxter Cinemas) | Louisville, KY 40204
Phone: 502-459-5600

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