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Kashmir Indian Restaurant

Being kinda picky, I was always kind of afraid of Indian food. That is, until I found the Chicken Tikka Masala at Kashmir. Food of the gods, I tell ya. Add a side of Poori, and you’re all set.

I went with the 3 people in my office, 1 of which wasn’t too familiar with Indian food, 1 who kinda was, and the other (Jam, my regular lunch pard’ner) had been turned on to it through me.

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Jam and I both loved our “usual”, while my “unfamiliar-with-Indian” lunchmate wasn’t too thrilled with the Chicken Curry (he’s crazy), and my other lunchmate, who had eaten Indian before, didn’t realize the Tandoori Chicken was on the bone. She wasn’t too thrilled with the idea, but was a trooper. I believe she enjoyed it.

Short review: YUM. Go there. Tomorrow.

UPDATE: The photo below is the aftermath of JAM’s dislike of the “mints”. Looks like the Easter Bunny threw up a little.

Kashmir - Jam didn’t like the mints

Rating: 9/10

Cost: $7 and some change for most lunch specials
Address: 1285 Bardstown Rd | Louisville, KY 40204
Phone: (502) 473-8765

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