30 January 2008 ~ 3 Comments

Bussman’s Bakery

Jam’s on this new diet, where he has to get dessert after lunch. It’s kinda fun, you should try it.

As we passed Bussman’s Bakery on our way to the Beer Depot, Jam mentioned that this (along with like 5 other bakeries in town) was the best bakery in Louisville. We figured we’d stop on the way back. I mean, it’s the best, right? You can’t not go…

I got this weird contraption of a donut, that was like a cinnamon bun with chocolate on it (yeah, I know…weird, right?), a caramel donut, and this large crispy cinnamon baked goody to share with my wife later. (Dang, I just realized we forgot to eat it, as she’s fast asleep as I write this…I should go eat it!) All of this for a measly $2.30. The two donuts I ate this afternoon were wonderful. The caramel donut was crispy with a great creamy brown icing. The cinnamon bun had yummy semi-sweet chocolate icing, but was not as cinnamon-ey as I had hoped. Still…delicious.

Jam went all out, he got a Baklava (which was filled with various nuts), one of the large crispy cinnamon goodies, and the chocolate-covered cinnamon bun. Ate ’em all. He mentioned that if he made Baklava, that’s exactly how he would make it…very nutty. He enjoyed the donuts as well.

The nicest lady in the world waited on us. She even laughed at our lame attempts at humor.

Jam told me that he grew up going to this place every Sunday morning after visiting his grandfather. Not much has changed in here since then. Again, we like these places with a bit of charm. This ain’t no Krispy Kreme.


Rating: 7/10

Price: $2.30 Jam’s was $3.50
Address: 1906 Frankfort Avenue Louisville, KY 40206
Phone: 502-893-3822

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3 Responses to “Bussman’s Bakery”

  1. Julie 11 May 2010 at 11:51 pm Permalink

    This is my best friend’s mom’s bakery (: Thanks for the great review. And the nicest lady in the world, is myu best friend’s grandma. But we all call her Memaw!

  2. John D. King 30 May 2010 at 2:08 pm Permalink

    I grew up on “The Point.” and went to Alex. B. Barret Jr. High. We visited Bussman’s for many years. When we go back to Louisville, Bussman’s is a must stop. We always get their cheese kuchen. Have never found its equal anywhere.


  3. Dawn 11 September 2010 at 3:25 pm Permalink

    I grow up a few streets down from Bussmans and my mother every sat afternoon would send me up to there to get us donuts for the next morning to have before we went to Sunday School. I ever worked there for a while after I graduated high school. Mr & Mrs Bussman were 2 of the nicest most kind people I ever meet. I think they had the best coffee cakes ever made, espiecally the chocolate chip one which was only made on Sundays. My mother to this day loves the cream horns, everytime I go to visit her I take her a couple. Best bakery in Town.

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