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DeVino’s Deli

Settled in the middle of all the condos (who’s buying those things, anyway??) being built in downtown Louisville is DeVino’s Deli. Jam and I went there last week to get one of their HUGE slices of pizza. It really is some of the best New York style pizza in town. They also have a good selection of deli (and warm) sandwiches.

I ordered a trusty slice of Pepperoni Pizza with an order of breadsticks and a Coke. I grabbed my slice and drink, and the guy behind the counter told me he’d bring my ‘sticks down, as they would be made fresh. Yes! Fresh breadsticks!

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The pizza, as usual, was a big foldable slice with a sweet base, and the pepperoni had a nice kick to it. Jam and I scarfed down our food quickly, as it was 1:30 or so. We have been on this terrible schedule of waiting forever before going to lunch, so we growing boys get a bit hungry by the time we reach our LouisvilleLunch destination. So, we’re wiping our mouths, and waited a bit on the breadsticks to arrive while I finished off “What I’m Into” in Velocity.

Still…no…sticks. As Jam ate the last of his cookie (him and that diet), we went upstairs and the guys behind the counter, were all, “Oh, snap…we forgot your breadsticks”. Damn straight! I got ’em to go, and ate them on the way back to the office. They were very good, but were a bit overcooked, since they got left in the oven a bit too long. The breadsticks were coated in buttery, garlic goodness, with a healthy dose of parmesan cheese and some Italian spices. The marinara that came with it, was sweet and good (the way I like my women.)

We sat down in the dark, chilly basement (complete with some big flat-panel TV’s), and it was nice, but was definitely a basement. A little creepy, even. Apparently, this will be changing soon, as the building they’re in will soon be torn down to make way for the condos going up next door. DeVino’s, we were told, will move down the street a block or two and be bigger and better.

Rating: 7/10

Cost: $3.00/slice + $3.99 for breadsticks | Jam’s Italian Sandwich: $5.25
310 E Main St., Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 569-3939

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