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Jade Garden

Chinese buffets…love ’em or hate ’em. I love ’em. Jam loves ’em. Our wives…not so much. Jade Garden Chinese Buffet is, needless to say, one of our Louisville Lunch hotspots.

One of the great things about Jade Garden, other than the food of course, is the little “shoppe” they have at the front of the restaurant. You can buy some jade trinkets, oriental fountains, and other authentic-looking knick-knacks. Looking for that perfect gift for your buddy’s new Yoga studio or Zen Garden? Look no further.

So, on to the food.

Their 4-cart hot-bar buffet comes well-stocked with the standard fare, but I like how they throw in a couple americanized goodies: fried mozzarella sticks (good, but a bit dry), and garlic bread (I know…what? But I always get some). They’ve also got quite a large cold section with quite a few fruits and desserts including ice cream (chocolate, vanilla and the greatest invention ever – swirled chocolate and vanilla).

Some of the highlights include the General Tso’s Chicken – spicy and good. There are quite a few chicken selections (which I like because fish on a buffet just doesn’t do it for me). Bourbon chicken, sweet and sour chicken, Kung Pao chicken all make appearances. As well as other standards such as pepper steak with onion, Shrimp, and the always-fun-to-say, moo goo gai pan. Whee!!

The absolute best item on the buffet is the Crab Rangoon. Just enough cream cheese and the perfect amount of (imitation?) crab meat. The texture is creamy and perfect. I think this is the best Crab Rangoon in Louisville. That title used to belong to the unfortunately-closed Golden Dragon on Bardstown Road near the Twig and Leaf. Man, those were awesome. Jam and I both helped ourselves to more than I care to admit in this review.

The white rice was a bit hard to find, flush with the surface in a heated tub. So much so, that I didn’t find it until my dessert run, which consisted of the aforementioned chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream topped with sprinkles and nuts and a couple of those little Chinese donut-thingies with the sugar all over them. Yum.

This is probably one of my favorite Chinese buffets in town. At least in this end of town.

Rating: 6.8/10

Cost: $7.97
Address: 1971 Brownsboro Rd. | Louisville, KY 40206
Phone: (502) 893-0822

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