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Fat Jimmy’s Pizza – Italian Week!

I had to stop at a client’s office near Frankfort Ave. today, and I wanted to grab a quick, yet delicious bite somewhere nearby. Fat Jimmy’s fit the bill perfectly, AND made this week ITALIAN WEEK! yay!

The last time Jam and I ate at Fat Jimmys (the Douglass Loop location), we gorged ourselves on the all-you-shouldn’t-eat buffet. We left with our bellies full, and both ended up in the, uh, how should I put this delicately, err… let’s just say they should rename it Fat Jimmy’s Pizzarrhea. Yeah…Appetizing review, right? Don’t get me wrong, their pizza is AWESOME. But this happened twice in a row within a week here. It could just be my body, but it should be used to all the err, crap I eat.

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I felt brave today and thought I’d go with one of their subs, and steer clear of the pizza. I tell you what though, their Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza is to DIE for. I went with their meatball sub, which is kinda like pizza now that I think about it…cheese, tomato sauce, meat. Oh well…

The sandwich was really good, albeit a bit large, even for me for lunch. The meatballs were sliced in half for easier eatin’, and the cheese melted all over them and kind of kept them encased within the sandwich. The bun was very good, crispy on the top and bottom from the oven.

A great choice for this rainy week. Comfort food, right?

Rating: 6/10

Address: 2712 Frankfort Ave. | Louisville, KY (Plus 4 other Louisville locations)
Phone: 502-891-4555

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