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Sportstime Pizza (New Albanian Pub & Pizzeria) – Italian Week!

Yeah, technically this shouldn’t be on LOUISVILLELunch, but it’s just over a little bridge, and they do serve my new favorite pizza in Kentuckiana (yes, I just used that stupid term…and yes it’s my new favorite pizza).Ahh…New Albanian Brewing Company, Rich O’s Public House, Sportstime Pizza, New Albanian Brewing Co. Pub & Pizzeria…could you perhaps make yourselves a bit less confusing? Branding, y’know? But oh, how I love thee… This place is known for it’s amazing beer list, and their spectacular brews, that unfortunately aren’t sold on this side of the Ohio River (stupid laws).

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As you might remember from past reviews, I’m trying to turn myself into a beer geek. That means that Rich O’s has got to be a regular spot for me to try many new beers. For some reason, before a couple of weeks ago (Thanks to their AMAZING Gravity Head celebration), I hadn’t been over to this place in about 9-10 years. Yeah…I know! Now that I know how to get there, and it’s not hard to get there, I’ll be darkening their doorstep consistently.

Oh yeah, this isn’t a beer review site, it’s a lunch review site…

Their Roundhouse Pizza (Traditional deep dish style) has some of the thickest crust and tons of gooey cheese that my mouth is watering just typing this. Goodness. Jam and I decided on traditional Pepperoni, which can never go wrong. Their breadsticks are also just as amazing. They’re thick, bready and big and you get a choice of dipping sauces (Nacho Cheese, Garlic Butter, Ranch, BBQ Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Beer Cheese, Sour Cream (!), or Pesto). Now, if you haven’t had the beer cheese here, then you haven’t had beer cheese, my friend. This stuff is so damn spicy, that you NEED a beer or two to keep your mouth from firing up. We got the Garlic Butter to help tame things down a bit as well.

For their house-beer recommendations, I’d go with their Hoptimus. Great logo, even better beer! Jam took home a growler of Croupier IPA. Haven’t heard what he thinks yet.

Rating: 9/10

Address: 3312 Plaza Drive | New Albany, IN
Phone: 812-944-2577

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  1. Chris Watson 24 March 2008 at 10:31 pm Permalink

    Definitely going to give Sportstime a try after reading this!

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