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North End Café

Last week, I was wanting a really good burger. If you’ve been reading here long, that’s not a surprise to you. Nothing like a good cheeseburger to ease the pain. Jam and I debated on going to BBC, but I’d be too tempted to get one of their excellent beers. Beer and lunch are one sure way to get nothing done the rest of the day. Then, I realized we hadn’t reviewed North End Cafe. Away we went.

This is probably one of the best breakfasts in town. Their lunch ain’t half bad either. Come to think of it, it’s a good place for dinner and drinks as well. What can’t this place do?

It was really hard not to be tempted by their breakfast menu. Those cornmeal pancakes seemed to be calling my name. But, no I came for a good burger, and that was what I was going to get. Dangit.

Jam answered the siren song of the breakfast menu and got the Orange Spice French Toast ($5.59.) He knew he had made the right choice.

An aside: Here’s my thing with breakfast food. I like it ALL. If I ordered French Toast, I’d need some eggs, bacon, and heck, even a biscuit or two if I was feeling up to it. I don’t know that I’d enjoy just french toast. I like more variety. Which is why for breakfast here, I go with the Hearty Breakfast ($8.79): Three eggs any style, two pancakes, bacon, sausage, home fries, grits and choice of bread. That’s a breakfast right there. Anyway…back to my review.

After we had ordered, Jam spilled his Diet Coke. Right next to his Leica digital camera (YIKES), actually some of it hit it, and I think he would have seriously cried if it did any harm (it didn’t, thankfully…nothing like seeing a grown man cry.) The waiter, who was great and attentive, asked a lot of questions about how it happened. It was almost as if he had to fill out a report and submit it to management or something. We jokingly said the cops were on their way to help with the investigation. He also mentioned the incident every time he came back to the table: “You guys didn’t spill anything again, did ya?”, “You guys will probably need MORE napkins, eh? <wink wink>”, “Ok, no damage this time”, etc… ad nauseum. I really just mention this because Jam and I were laughing so hard about how this dude wouldn’t let it go. Really funny. That report must have been an 8-pager.

Okay, now really…back to my review:

The burger ($7.59) came well dressed (of which I typically throw off to the side, if the burger’s good enough, you don’t need anything else in my opinion) with plenty of thin, crispy fries. It was exactly what I needed on this dreary, rainy day. As good as it always is. One other positive note on North End – They use organic and/or locally grown food (produce, beef, etc..) whenever they can, which I think is great. It might cost a bit more, but it’s worth it to support local farmers and to avoid eating pesticides (which is not good eats.) They even have their own farm where they grow herbs and veggies. That’s awesome… plant it, pick it, serve it.

If you haven’t been to this restaurant, you’re missing out on one the best places in Derby Town, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Get to it.

Rating: 8/10

Address: 1722 Frankfort Ave. | Louisville, Ky 40206
Phone: 502-896-8770

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